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Ex military intelligence officer calls Mnangagwa a clueless drunkard

Former military intelligence officer Cde Never Maswerasei says President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa is a clueless drunkard who can be easily pushed into making poor decisions.

Commenting on the ongoing demolitions of houses across Zimbabwe, Namibia based Zimbabwean Cde Maswerasei using his X handle Windhoek Cables said confused governments make unpopular decisions.

“The decision making of a confused govt of not just but absolute idiots will always be a tell tale sign of total absence of leadership & incompetence.

“Owing to his LACK OF PROBITY, Emmerson should never have been brought back. Clearly, has no leadership but a clueless drunkard,” he said.

The Zimbabwean government recently launched a blitz on so-called land barons and occupiers across the country.

The government has since halted the demolitions in face of a visiting Southern African Development Community delegation, expected in the country today.

However, some critics say the demolitions are being conducted in places whose inhabitants are presumed to have voted for opposition during the 2023 general elections.


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