Kofifi Tavern Owner Andries Mgqogi Shot And Killed At His Tavern

In a tragic turn of events, former Centlec CEO Andries Mgoqi was fatally shot four times at his establishment, Kofifi Lifestyle tavern, located in Bergman Square, Bloemfontein.

The incident occurred on Friday, February 16th, around 9 PM.

According to sources, two unidentified men entered the tavern, initially posing as customers.



However, they later brandished firearms and opened fire on Mgoqi, resulting in his tragic demise at the scene.


Shockingly, the assailants did not appear to steal anything and swiftly fled the scene after the fatal shooting.

What’s notable is that they did not conceal their identities, as they were not wearing balaclavas or covering their faces.


As investigations unfold, this remains a developing story with details emerging gradually.

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