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Teen kills self over missing sim card

A heartbreaking incident took place in the serene suburb of Windsor Park in Gweru, where a young teenage boy committed suicide amidst a dispute over a missing SIM card. The victim, identified as Theophelus Chakoma (16), was found hanging from a mango tree at his parent’s residence.

According to Midlands provincial police spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko, the incident occurred on a fateful Friday evening at around 8 pm. Chakoma had a heated disagreement with Otilia Chihwawa (21), the domestic worker employed by his parents. The argument was regarding a missing SIM card.

Inspector Mahoko stated, “The matter was reportedly resolved by Chakoma’s parents after the disagreement.”

However, the situation took a devastating turn when, at approximately 8:21 pm, Theophelus retired to bed. The following morning, at 5 am, Otilia made the grim discovery of Chakoma’s lifeless body hanging from a mango tree in the yard. It was reported that he used a necktie to take his own life.

Inspector Mahoko confirmed that the police are actively investigating the sudden death case. The authorities were called to the scene to gather evidence. They are conducting a thorough examination of the circumstances surrounding the tragic incident.

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The community of Windsor Park and Gweru at large is left in shock and grief as they come to terms with the unexpected loss of a young life. Counseling services and support are being offered to those affected by this tragic event.

Our thoughts and condolences go out to the family and friends of Theophelus Chakoma during this difficult time.

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