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Dr Nandipha appears in court looking glamorous, ignores Thabo Bester

Disgraced celebrity doctor Nandipha “Dr. Nandi” Magudumana and her co-accused Thabo Bester appeared in court on Wednesday, February 21 of this week for a pre-trial hearing.

She was wearing a full face of makeup and had her hair done in a fresh style, as usual. She also had a backpack and fancy handbag that cost thousands of rands.

In contrast to her earlier appearance, Dr. Nandi seemed somewhat gloomy and would not look up at the many cameras aimed at her.

What stands out, though, is the way she ignored her partner, Thabo Bester.


Notorious ‘Facebook Rapist’ Thabo Bester and his lover Dr Nandi are arguably one of South Africa’s most cunning criminal couples.

The pair stunned locals with their incredulous prison break, illegal — and highly successful — business schemes and then a daring escape from SA.

Dr Nandipha

Their story sounds like something from a Hollywood movie and continues to stun South Africans who have watched everything unfold.

In September last year, Dr Nandipha applied for bail which was denied. On Wednesday this week, she, Thabo Bester, and the  other accused appeared in court for a pre-trial conference.


Sitting in the dock, she wore a new hairstyle with her edges expertly “laid.” She also wore a full face of makeup, which included eye shadow and her signature red lipstick.

Her nails were also recently done.

The once-popular doctor also rocked a designer backpack worth over R30 000 as well as a designer purse and jacket.

While she has made quite the effort to look well-out together, social media users have commented that she does not appear to be as healthy as before.

Many say that stress is finally getting to her.

“She lost weight, her skin is lighter skinned than she was. Stress is eating her,” an X user said.

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