Mama Vee, Lorraine Guyo romance intrigues Zimbabweans

Zimbabweans have been left in awe after popular comedian Mama Vee, real name Admire Mushambi, was seen cozying up to fellow social media influencer Lorraine Guyo.

Lorraine Guyo recently enjoyed her birthday in the company of friends and family. Notable attendees included songstress Ammara Brown, as well as socialites Tatenda Makayi and Noliet Chihoko.

She has been, however. keeping her relationship under wraps for a while.

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In a video compilation featuring snapshots from the celebration, Lorraine Guyo’s boyfriend made his debut. One picture showed him delivering a speech while affectionately embracing Lorraine. In another frame, he appeared on the verge of giving her a smooch.

This left some of the pair’s fans as they could not believe such a relationship was possible. But why?

Zimbabweans are used to seeing Mama Vee, who is a man, acting while posing as a woman. Judging by the comments section, one could be forgiven for having such thoughts.

Lorraine Guyo Mama Vee Lorraine Guyo Mama Vee


Mama Vee and DJ Koasta at NAMA Awards ceremony
Mama Vee and DJ Koasta at NAMA Awards ceremony

Fans React;


Mama Vee haazi we LGBTQ hre?


Ndozvaakange akataura here or kungofungidzira kwevanhu🤔


So mama Vee is a lesbian


Lorraine akudyiwa na budi/sisi ion even knw wat to call that nigga


It’s just acting yaanenge achiita he is straight that one 😄


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