Psychic accurately predicted that six people were involved in AKA’s murder

Inside the Investigation: Unraveling the AKA Killers Case

From his murder being a hit orchestrated by someone in his friendship circle to it being a revenge killing after Anele Tembe’s death, all this, according to a psychic, came to pass after six people were arrested in connection with the murder of Kiernan “AKA” Forbes in Durban.

According to psychic medium, Diva D’Andrea, the award-winning rapper’s demise was orchestrated by a very powerful individual who will never be revealed even after recent arrests.

The psychic said, back in 2023 that, AKA’s phone held key information on who killed him.

She said a woman alerted AKA’s killers to his whereabouts and the shooters were paid a huge sum for the “hit”.

AKA and his close friend, Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane, were shot dead while leaving Wish in Florida Road.

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D’Andrea said the message about AKA’s death was clear.

“This was a definite hit. AKA had been warned to stay out of KZN after Anele’s death. However, he defied the warnings by not only going to KZN but also by doing a gig in Durban, which he never got to do as he was killed.

“AKA posted photos of his high lifestyle, the food, the barber, the drinks and so much more all over his social media handles. This social media footprint allowed the suspects to know his exact whereabouts. This also infuriated those that sent the warnings to AKA to stay away. They saw this as challenging, arrogance and defiance. A hit on AKA had already been placed should he ever return to KZN and he did,” she said.

D’Andrea, who has been working both as a medium locally and internationally for the past 40 years, said the person who ordered the hit was wealthy.

She added that the main person who originally called the hit will not be exposed, he is protected, untouchable.

“Someone else will take the blame, and be arrested. This will come as a surprise and or shock. A female is the one who alerted (the men) about AKA and his posts showing where he was.

“The two shooters are hired killers, hitmen who received a huge amount of money each. In total, I see six people involved. Blood money can be traced but it may take quite a long time. I feel only two people will be arrested and a 50/50 chance a third will. The driver that dropped the shooters off drove around the corner and waited for the shooters. I feel they drove a distance and swopped vehicles,” D’Andrea said.

She said Tibz was a “good soul” and got caught in the firing line.

D’Andrea said he was never the target just a victim of circumstance.

“The evidence and leads are in AKA’s phone. The person threatening AKA was so angry he forgot to cover his tracks properly. Intelligence should be able to trace this,” D’Andrea said.

“I also picked up that AKA really did love Anele and was hurting deeply at her funeral,” D’Andrea said.

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