Ntandokazi Mzamo drives Mzansi men crazy with her humility

A Xhosa lady, identified as Ntandokazi, has left South African men drooling and envying her man because of her good manners and humility.

A video of a beautiful moment between Ntandokazi Mzamo and her boyfriend has since gone viral. The two were in a car, and they got to a fuel station where the boyfriend wanted to fill his car.

She then asked for her man to buy her a Red Bull. However, she could not find the energy drink at the garage in question. Ntando asks that they go and fill up the petrol at a station with a kiosk that sells Red Bull, to which the man says he can’t as he has a fuel contact with the garage they were at. Ntandokazi’s boyfriend then asked for money for the drink, to which the well-mannered lady took out the cash he had given her the prior.


The couple seem to be in a loving relationship. She always posts some of their lovely moments on her social media pages. She is not shy to show the world how loving her man is.

Social media users have praised Ntandokazi for her humility and respect, as stunning as she looks.

Xhosa Lady Ntandokazi Leaves Mzansi Men Drooling [Image: Ntandokazi/Instagram/TikTok]
Xhosa Lady Ntandokazi Leaves Mzansi Men Drooling [Image: Ntandokazi/Instagram/TikTok]

“This woman by the name of Ntandokazi is trending over a video that has gone viral, all simply because of her humility. Men are praising her for being humble before everything else. Because a woman who knows humility is a woman who brings peace in a man’s life.”


“Niggas want Ntandokazi but don’t wanna be like her man. Did you guys hear that part where she said, “But babe, you gave me money mos yesterday”? Are you guys willing to give her money that lasts more than one day?”


“Women and jealousy, they are not happy about Ntandokazi.”


“Appreciation post to Ntandokazi and her man; they are so focused, and Ntandokazi represents the Woolworth of women in SA. She proved that money is not everything when you have a man who loves wholeheartedly ❤️

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