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Jacob Zuma throws weight behind Malema, wants EFF to win

Former president Jacob Zuma loves sharing more than tea with EFF leader Julius Malema as he believes his new MK party and the red berets could secure a majority of votes in the upcoming national and provincial elections.

Malema turned 43 on Sunday and Zuma sent him birthday wishes.

He said: “You are now 43. That is a very good age in the circumstances in which we are. I want to wish you a happy birthday and wish you and all of us to change the country needs this year whether they like it or not. We must win with a two-thirds majority.”

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The MK party has a target of winning a two-thirds majority in May when it contests elections for the first time.

While Zuma has plans for the MK party to govern, it has not elected formal leadership structures nor announced premier candidates.

The former president said the delay in electing leaders was because he was wary of “corrupt” individuals and wanted to ensure the “right people” were elected.

He said: “People keep asking ‘when are you electing structures’ but we are not in a hurry. People these days get into politics because they have other motives. I want to caution you that people who join MK from the ANC bring with them a corruption culture. I don’t want corrupt people here.”


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