Job Sikhala launches own party away from Chamisa, Biti

FORMER Legislator Job Sikhala of Zengeza West has started a new political movement called the National Democratic Working Group (NDWG) with the goal of “freeing masses from political chains.”

The controversial politician, who was freed from prison for inciting violence after the death of an opposition political activist, left the struggling Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party in February.

Head of NDWG information and communication Darlington Chingwena stated in a communiqué that the movement was centered on the goals and desires of the general public.

“The NDWG is a mass of our people driven movement of the democratic forces in Zimbabwe who are determined to build a solid base for our people to discuss their aspirations and find the best way forward,” he said.

“The NDWG has started the mobilisation of the masses of our people for the ultimate convening of the National Democratic People’s Convention where people’s ideas and feedback will lead to the formation of a mass-based democratic people’s movement fighting for the takeover of government power.”

Chingwena, who said the national taskforce which is the brainchild of Sikhala and a host of concerned citizens, believes the current democratic alternatives failed to seize the opportunity when it mattered most.

“The lives of our people are in danger due to unending cycles of poverty, oppression, looting and plundering of the national resources and subversion of the will of our people through electoral theft and self-imposition by an unpopular tyranny,” he said.

“At the inaugural meeting of the NDWG, the delegates from the 10 provinces of Zimbabwe and various organisations unanimously resolved the following as part of the process of gathering people’s views about the Zimbabwe that they want.

“That within a month, provincial democratic working groups will be constituted by the masses of our people drawn from the churches, business, war veterans, women, youths and students, civil society, people living with disabilities among others whose key function will be to visit every ward and district to collate the views of the masses of our people through group meetings.

“The NDWG recognises the unresolved business of the war of liberation and takes it forward through a mass democratic struggle.”

Some of the movement’s resolutions were targeted at making people the centre of solutions Zimbabwe’s political and socio-economic challenges.

“Inclusivity will define the work of all the organs of the National Democratic People’s Convention, which will gather at a date to be advised to deliberate on the way forward based on the submissions from the expected 5 000 delegates,” Chingwena added.

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