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CIO Arrests Alleged Former Indian Army Special Forces Officer

ONE of the top guns in the Indian Special Forces Unit operating in Zimbabwe, Sudhu Sarup Singh has been arrested by Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) operatives, NewZimbabwe.com reports.

The arrest, which comes barely a day after NewZimbabwe.com exposed the Unit’s operation, followed extensive investigations by the CIO which culminated in a sting raid at a high-end Harare restaurant where Singh was enjoying the company of unknown individuals.

The highly-trained soldiers had been engaged in Mozambique’s war-torn Cabo Delgado region, where that country’s government is fighting insurgents, but their presence locally raised more questions than answers.

Singh misrepresented his intentions on arrival by disguising himself as an investor, even meeting President Emmerson Mnangagwa before going under the radar while conducting shadowy businesses.

According to sources within the CIO, Signh was being held at Borrowdale Police with indications he might either be charged for a crime to be ascertained or if lucky, be deported.

His daughter (named) one of over 100 Indians he smuggled into the country is also on the CIO’s radar and set to be arrested and deported.

“Singh was arrested today (Tuesday) at a top restaurant in Avondale. He has been taken to Borrowdale Police Station,” said the source.

The Unit moved around in vehicles marked “Indian Special Forces” with “We Dare The Impossible” and “We Are The Fearless”.

Indian Special forces

NV Distilleries, fronted by Ashok Jain has been heavily linked to these characters who were operating with guidance from a former Cabinet Minister.

With unfettered access to raw materials needed for their alleged investments in the mining and chemical production sector, they are said to have relative protection from the Midlands-based former Minister.

The Minister told a local daily his role had just been to facilitate their meeting with Mnangagwa.

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