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This is how much you pay for ZIMSEC June 2024 exams

The Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (ZIMSEC) has announced the interbank rate to be used for June 2024 Ordinary and Advanced level examination fees paid in Zimbabwe Dollar (ZWL).

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In a public notice, ZIMSEC revealed the interbank rate to be used when making payments for the June O’level and A’level examinations.

ZIMSEC stated that the exchange rate to use for ZWL exam fee payments is ZWL17 558 to 1 USD.

The Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (Zimsec) would like to inform its stakeholders, parents, guardians, and candidates of the Interbank rate which shall apply when making payments for the 2024 June Ordinary and Advanced level Examination Fees in ZWL. The exchange rate to be applied for payments is ZWL17 558 to 1 USD.”

ZIMSEC revealed that the fees are denominated in USD, but they can be paid in the currency that the parents or guardians find convenient or comfortable.

“Fees are pegged in USD; however, they are accepted in the currency which the parents and guardians are comfortable with. Parents who wish to make payments in USD or Rands are able to do so until the registration closing dates.”

Registration Window and Uniform Fees for ZWL Payments

The examination board revealed that those who want to pay in ZWL can do so from the 13th of March to the 20th of March. ZIMSEC disclosed that the purpose of setting the interbank rate is to ensure that all candidates pay the same registration fee.

Those who would like to make payments in ZWL will use the rate communicated herein. ZWL Interbank Rate JUNE 2024 ORDINARY AND ADVANCED LEVEL Parents/ Guardians who wish to pay registration fees in Zimbabwe Dollar (ZWL) are able to do so during the window of 13 March to 20 March 2024. The interbank rate of 13 March 2024 will be used during this period to ensure that all candidates pay a uniform registration fee.”

ZIMSEC stated that parents should not make direct payments for examination fees into ZIMSEC accounts. Instead, candidates and parents are advised to submit their payments to the respective school or registration centre, which will then forward the payments to ZIMSEC.

Payments for the examination fees should NOT be paid directly into ZIMSEC accounts by individual parents. Candidates/ Parents should make payments to the school or centre of registration for forward remission to ZIMSEC.”

Furthermore, ZIMSEC urged candidates, parents, and guardians to get in touch with their respective centres to inquire about the registration closing dates.

Candidates, parents and guardians are encouraged to contact their respective Centres for registration closing dates to avoid any inconveniences. For more information or queries contact the ZIMSEC Regional offices or Head Office.”

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