‘God is at work’: Zandile speaks after Kelly Khumalo’s implication in Meyiwa’s death

Following the recent allegations implicating Kelly Khumalo in the murder of former Bafana Bafana goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa, her sister Zandile Gumede stands in full support of her sister amidst the trial.

Taking to her Instagram page Zandile shared a heart-warming post assuring her sister that God continues to be at work and that in due time, the truth will be revealed. In her post, she wrote: “Bo Mashobane we are almost there. God is at work […] lies will travel halfway across the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes and tying its laces…”

She added: “The truth has finally put on the shoes, and it is time to start the journey.”

According to media reports by news publication TimesLive, this comes after one of the accused – Muzikawukhukekwa Sibiya submitted a written confession claiming that he and his friends were hired by Kelly to kill the soccer star.

In his confession, he wrote:

“I asked them if they [had] already charged the money, and they said ‘Yes’. They charged R100 000. Marco told us Kelly wants money from Senzo.”

It is not the first time Zandile offered public support to her sibling. After Kelly was first implicated in the murder saga earlier this year, she (Zandile) also shared a post encouraging her sister to be bold and strong in the midst of the chaos, adding that she has her back.

“I will stand by you forever because I know your heart and I know Senzo is standing with you wherever he is… You know we are Lions; we don’t worry about sheep’s opinions @kellykhuumaloza.”

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