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Debunking the Extramarital Relationship Allegations: Tazvi Mhaka and Wicknell’s Wife

A social media attack on businessman, Tazvi Mhaka, also known as Chief Jose,  has generated distress and embarrassment to his family and the family of his friend Wicknell Chivayo as it turns out that a family picture was photo-shopped by some social media hawks.

The AI-generated image replaced the head of Chief Jose’s wife with the head of Chivayo’s wife, Sonja Madzikanda, to give the impression that the two were in an extramarital relationship.

Tazvi Mhaka supplied the original picture with his wife, which was taken in their house, some years ago.

He said back then, when he posed with his wife for the photo, which has since been doctored, Sonja was probably still in school.

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Tatelicious has been at the forefront of the campaign against Chief Jose.

“This was a picture taken of me and my wife 19 years ago, before I even started growing a beard, and Wicknell’s wife was probably still in high school by then,” said Chief Jose.

“Regarding the recent baseless allegations circulating online, I find it necessary to address them directly.

“While I typically refrain from dignifying such malicious rumours with a response, the gravity of these accusations demands clarification for the sake of my family, friends, business associates and social media followers.”

He added:

“Let me unequivocally state that these allegations of an affair with my best friend’s wife and the existence of a supposed sεx tape are utterly false and devoid of any merit.

“Moreover, the insinuation that my friend’s children are mine, despite DNA tests confirming their true parentage at birth, is equally absurd.

“It saddens me to witness the lengths some individuals will go to in order to garner attention or social media validation, even at the expense of tearing apart families and tarnishing reputations.

“It is incomprehensible to me how anyone could sleep soundly after spreading such hurtful lies.”

He said he was not a social media person and was someone who only minds his business and doesn’t appreciate or respond to cyber attacks to get likes online.

He said those who were tarnishing his name were targeting Chivayo.

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