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Hwange teacher jailed for writing ‘O’ Level exams for three candidates

A teacher from Hwange has been sentenced to 12 months imprisonment following his conviction on charges of writing mathematics examinations for three ‘O’ Level candidates.

Mkululi Moyo (48) was arraigned before the Hwange Magistrates’ Court facing charges of writing the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (ZIMSEC) maths examination for three students.

Allegations were that Moyo unlawfully and intentionally sat for the November 2023 Maths Paper 2 examination to impersonate Hwange High School students. The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) said:

The accused person hatched the plan with his accomplice Mark Bhebhe the invigilator who is still at large. Bhebhe was given the written answer scripts and gave them to the 3 candidates who entered personal their details on the answer scripts and submitted those ones they had written themselves. He was given a reward of USD150.

The matter came to light in December when ZIMSEC examiners detected that the handwriting on the personal details section was different from the handwriting in the main body of the answer script. Further investigations were conducted and it was discovered that the candidates were from Hwange High School.

The investigating team visited Hwange High School on 22 March 2024 and showed the headmaster the answer scripts and the headmaster confirmed that the handwriting on the answer scripts belonged to the accused person.

Moyo was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment of which 4 months was suspended. He will serve 8 months in prison.

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