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Dying wife requests husband to let her sleep with her ex-lover

A man found himself in a sticky situation after his dying wife made an unusual request.

A sickly wife who was given nine months to live has asked her husband to have sex with her ex-lover for the last time.

A man has admitted on Reddit to feeling angry and ashamed after his dying wife asked for a free pass to sleep with an attractive ex-lover ‘just one more time’.

“She sat me down and told me that one of the last things she wanted to do was have sex with a previous partner of hers. So now I’m left with this, deny my dying wife a wish for my own ego, or let her go f*ck another man who she feels was better,’ he said.

‘Honestly, I’m so pissed of and betrayed that she asked this of me. I feel like I’m put in a position where I have to say yes because she’s dying.” The husband admitted.

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