Winky D fans excited about new song release: Love Qaurtet

Zimbabwean musician, Winky D, is releasing a new music project called Love Quartet on May 10, 2019. The news has excited many of his fans who are already hyping up the project on social media.

Winky D has been a fan favorite for many years, with his unique blend of reggae, dancehall, and Afro-pop music. He has released several hit songs that cemented his position as one of Zimbabwe’s top musicians. Fans have eagerly been waiting for new music from Winky D, and now that Love Quartet is on the horizon, they can’t contain their excitement.


Winky D announced Love Quartet on his social media platforms. Since then, fans have been sharing and commenting on the post, tagging friends who are also fans of the musician. Some predict that the new project will be a game-changer for Zimbabwean music.


Winky D last released an album, Ghettocray, last year, and many have been wondering when he would drop a new project. The musician has been working hard behind the scenes, and it appears that Love Quartet is the result of his hard work.


The project’s title, Love Quartet, has sparked a lot of curiosity among fans. Some speculate that the project might be a compilation of love songs, while others think it might be a fusion of different genres. Nonetheless, fans are ready for anything Winky D throws their way.


Winky D’s music always reflects Zimbabwean culture and society. He addresses social issues such as poverty, corruption, and gender-based violence in his music. His fans appreciate the fact that he uses music as a tool to raise awareness about these issues.


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