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Public outraged by video of woman admitting she was satisfied in bed by her son

The public has been outraged following the resurfacing of an old video showing a Ghanaian woman confessing to an unthinkable act of having relations with her son.

Speaking during an interview on the Vibes in 5 show, hosted by Arnold Elavanyo in September 2022, the lady explained that she posted on WhatsApp status her desire to return to one of her ex-boyfriends to satisfy her, which, according to her, the son saw to be embarrassing.

a certain X user decided to reshare the video and people have expressed disgust.

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To save her mother from embarrassment, the lady revealed in the interview that her son willingly agreed to be used in place of her vibrator.

Looking a bit repented, she further intimated that though the boy had expressed readiness to come to her aid any time, she said she would not repeat that since it was not right.

“Recently, I had sεx with my own son and he was able to satisfy me. I enjoyed it very much, but he is my son, so I can’t continue doing that with him,” the lady said.

Below are some of the comments;

@Deanmizzy: Waking up to see a post like this is offensive to my soul. She needs to be arrested

@bchinyakata: Even if she is joking , she should be in jail 🤢🤢

@Miss_Letwin: That’s the most devilish activity.

@lucie_mesu: She needs to be under the jail at this point. Sheeeembe😱😱😱

@truehomeboy1: You are sick and should be arrested

@Ayomiepat_: Joke or not, how is she comfortable to say this out of her mouth ? She’s even saying it in front of a camera 🤦🏾‍♀️ my goodness.

@molatelom20: is she normal upstairs? i mean she couldn’t even think about the labour pains, the first time he held him as his SON?

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