Skomota’s video call with Polish girlfriend goes viral over broken english

Skomota’s recent video chat has gone viral on social media with his girlfriend, who lives in Poland, speaking in bad English, raising eyebrows.

The conversation, which started with friendly words, soon became quite heated.

After the video appeared on many social media sites, internet users noticed it and quickly voiced their opinions.

Skomota, who is renowned for having a captivating personality, appeared to be having trouble speaking English during the conversation, which caused viewers to react in different ways.

In the first few seconds of the video chat, Skomota, who was excited, said to his girlfriend, “Hey, love, how are you? I’m missing you.

His partner replied, “Hello babe, I am good,” in return for the loving emotion. I also miss you. I’m in the country of Poland.

But when Skomota questioned the time of the call and said, “Why are you calling now?” the conversation took an unexpected turn.

Even though it’s unclear what he was asking, it was clear that he was struggling with English throughout this specific sentence.

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This language error and the white girl’s appearance on TV sparked a flurry of conversations on social media.

Social media users shared the video quickly and discussed Skomota’s words in their comments sections.


Joy Lethabo
“Skomota: “Hello baby how are you?”
Stoko sa lekgowa: “Hello baby m good”
Skomi: “I miss you my love where are going now?”
Stoko: “You miss me! Ooh! I miss you too. I am in Poland”
Skomi: “What him doing thousand”

“The last part “ what are you doing in taung” ????????????”

“Skomota is living the life he is not aware of ????????.”

“He is speaking englishvenda????????????”

“That English coming out the nose by skomota ????????.

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