Vladimir Okhotnikov presents the concept of a decentralized system

Vladimir Okhotnikov notes that the traditional management model is based on a centralized hierarchical structure. In such a system, the relationship between superior and subordinate predominates, where the superior makes decisions and the subordinate carries them out. This structure may seem the most logical for government and business management, since it began its existence along with human society, but this approach has a number of disadvantages.

The development of the social structure has led to the complication of the processes of selecting persons to manage processes in society. Elections have become a key element of democracy. They function well in small communities where all members are familiar with the candidates and can make decisions based on personal experience and knowledge.

In large communities or in the presence of unfamiliar candidates, elections become a struggle to create the most attractive image of the contenders. This results in the teams of technologists who create these images taking the lead. As a result, those who can create the most attractive image often come to power, rather than those who are truly capable of governing in the best way. This can lead to economic inequality as political power can be used to gain economic advantage.

In this connection, the question of the possibility of creating a long-lasting, genuine democratic system becomes an issue. Experience has shown that the pursued ideals could not conquer the world. What is often called democracy is in fact a traditional centralized system of government.

The Hunter Company has identified that the market needs rules, but the question is who will set them. In a centralized system, this role is assigned to the state, so decentralization in business regulation should be considered an alternative, similar to its application in the IT field. Decentralized systems, such as blockchain, ensure equality of all participants, strict adherence to agreements and freedom of choice. They are highly stable and not prone to centralization.

Vladimir Okhotnikov emphasizes the importance of decentralization in the banking sector, citing the successful experience of its application in the field of information technology. According to him, blockchain is capable of ensuring equality of all participants, strict compliance with contracts and freedom of choice.

Blockchain, as the fundamental basis of cryptocurrencies, is a completely independent system designed to manage various decentralized services, including metaverses.

Okhotnikov concluded that decentralization will be widely applied in all areas of business and management and will become the basis for the creation of a truly democratic society. Read the full version of the article  about the crisis of the traditional business management system and the alternative model to form a specific opinion on the situation.

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