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Mai Titi throws a tantrum at Prophet Obey Mukanhairi after her predicted her death

Mai Titi, a well-known social media influencer, has recently found herself at the center of a controversy following a claim by viral Prophet Obey Mukanhairi that he “predicted” her death on his social media platform.

Mukanhairi has gained fame in the past two years for supposedly foreseeing significant events before they happen.

In 2023, he attracted widespread attention when it was revealed that he had foreseen the death of South African rapper AKA before the tragic event. Mukanhairi stated that he had tried to warn AKA, but the rapper disregarded his warnings, saying they were not divinely inspired.

Notably, the prophet has also made predictions about the passing of Zahara, military funerals in Zimbabwe, and an accident involving the motorcade of First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa in 2022.

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Prophet Obey Mukanhairi “Predicts” The Death Of Mai Titi

Mai Titi Death Mukanhairi
Mai Titi Furious After Prophet Obey Mukanhairi “Predicted” Her Death [Image: Facebook]


Yesterday, Mukanhairi startled Zimbos when he predicted that a “troublesome” woman on social media would die. He said:

“I was just praying now. The Lord showed me hidden things. I saw someone in Zimbabwe, a woman who has caused so much mayhem, a person who knows no fear, who bullies, coerces and attacks everyone. Thus, what I saw is that she will come in my way for the power of God to be seen, and she will be dust. Don’t attach names but ndiyeye and ndichamupwanya nen’a nga dzake. Battle of Spirituality.”

People in the comments claimed that the Prophet was referring to Mai Titi. The controversial social media influencer did not waste time. She stormed the comments section and said Obey Mukanhairi is a fake prophet:

“This one is a fake Prophet hake haatyise. I once engaged him ndichitofunga pane chinoshanda panyaya yathis guy chaiyo zvikanzi uchaona in a few months he will run mad and return the money. Nothing happened. Whilst in prison, he said I will die there nothing happened. Now he’s threatening again. The fake poor prophet always looking for fame and likes. If he was real, he would be living a better life this one. Achafa before inini uyu.

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