Pattricia Jack exposes how Mai Titi bribed police US$1000 to have her arrested

Pattricia Jack has revealed how social media star Mai Titi bribed police to have her arrested in an incident captured on a live social media stream recently.

Pattricia was arrested at her home in the early hours of a Sunday on cyberbullying charges.

In a recent live recording, Pattricia said Mai Titi paid the police US$1000 to arrest her.

“You paid $1000 to the police and your private investigator, who jumped over the wall to enter my premises,” Patricia said in the live video.

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She further stated that the money Mai Titi paid to the police could have been used to pay off some of the 160 people she owes money to. “You could have used that $1000 to pay five people $500 each,” Patricia said.

Patricia also mentioned that Mai Titi owes money to someone by the name Masi, who recently lost her child.

“You could have given the entire $1000 to Masi, who you owe money to,” Pattricia said.

Pattricia described her experience at the police station, saying she didn’t spend much time there and was even offered warmth from a heater by the police officers.

She also claimed that everyone at the station turned against Mai TT , who had previously brought different people to the police station, accusing them of leaking her daughter’s nude photos.

In other news, In an unexpected development, well-known Zimbabwean person Pattricia Jack was detained late at night on suspicion of cyberbullying, startling the community.

The occurrence, which dramatically occurred, has provoked national conversations and responses. Law enforcement officials and private investigator Tafadzwa Chidawa participated in Pattricia Jack’s arrest, which happened during a late-night operation at her home.

The arrest was especially notable because Jack decided to livestream the entire event on Facebook, enabling spectators to see everything as it happened.

During the live feed, Jack claimed that the cops first tried to enter her residence by ringing her intercom….

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