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Malema says no to GNU

The leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party in South Africa, Julius Malema, has declined ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa’s proposal for a Government of National Unity (GNU), which would encompass all political parties with parliamentary representation.

A Coalition Government is established when a single party fails to secure an outright majority, and it entails the collaboration of multiple parties to govern, often based on shared policy objectives.

In contrast, a GNU is also a coalition government, but it unites varied political perspectives. The primary aim of a GNU is to ensure stability, encourage cooperation, and tackle crucial national issues.

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Posting on X (formerly Twitter) Malema said “We can’t share power with the enemy,” referring to the Democratic Alliance (DA), South Africa’s second-largest political party. In another tweet, Malema said:

The arrogance continues even after the South African voters issued warning signs. You can’t dictate the way forward as if you have won elections. We are not desperate for anything, ours is a generational mission.

Malema responded to Ramaphosa’s announcement on Thursday night that they would form a GNU with all parties advancing South Africa.

The DA has said it will not go into coalition with the EFF and Umkhonto weSizwe (MK) Party led by former ANC president Jacob Zuma.

DA leader John Steenhuisen recently said the party should rescue South Africa from what he calls the “doomsday coalition” referring to an ANC-EFF-MKP coalition.

Speaking from the floor of the DA’s Federal Congress in April 2023, Steenhuisen “the forces of destruction” in the ANC and EFF and smaller parties such as the Patriotic Alliance, were converging towards forming a Doomsday Coalition after the 2024 general election. At the time, Steenhuisen said the following:

The day that an ANC-EFF government takes over, will be Doomsday for South Africa. EFF Doomsday will make the collapse of Zimbabwe look like a dress rehearsal and will leave all South Africans destitute – black, coloured, white and Indian.

That is why, during the remaining months before next year’s election, the DA will make it our number one priority – and do absolutely everything in our power – to prevent an ANC-EFF Doomsday Coalition from taking power.

The EFF Doomsday Coalition will expropriate property without compensation and abolish private property rights.

The EFF Doomsday Coalition will nationalise and destroy foreign investment, businesses, banks and mines.

The EFF Doomsday Coalition will plunge this country into ethnic and racial conflict the likes of which it has never witnessed before.

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