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Mnangagwa Meets Putin, Exposes Zimbabwe/ Zambia Tension

The recent video of President Emmerson Mnangagwa expressing concerns about Western influence in Zambia and Malawi during his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin has ignited a wave of controversy across social media platforms.

Mnangagwa’s remarks about the United States military presence in Zambia have drawn significant attention and sparked discussions within political circles and among the public at large.

The video captured Mnangagwa’s discussion with Putin, during which he highlighted the United States’ purported efforts to strengthen its military presence in Zambia.

This revelation has raised eyebrows and triggered debates regarding the geopolitical implications of such developments in Africa.

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President Mnangagwa’s plea for assistance in “defence and food security” and his expression of apprehensions about US influence in Zambia have amplified concerns about the escalating influence and involvement of major global powers in African affairs.

Mnangagwa’s statement alleging the United States endeavours to “consolidate its power” in Zambia through heightened security measures and increased financial aid, with the suspected aim of isolating Zimbabwe, has added fuel to an already contentious narrative.

“You see, the West has just begun consolidating its power in Zambia, our next neighbour. You know, there was a time when Zambia and Zimbabwe were one; it was called Northern and Southern Rhodesia. It was made one by the British, but they are now separate. And the Americans are consolidating their power in that country, both in terms of security and in terms of financial support to Zambia to make sure that we feel lonely. But that will not change us, because we have taken a course as a people that we feel we want to be independent and we will choose our friends ourselves. And besides, we are independent today because most of us in the leadership trained here during our war of liberation. We got our independence because we are supported by yourselves here, and we don’t forget that history, and you don’t forget about us,” President Mnangagwa told Putin.

Mnangagwa, speaking at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, praised Putin for defending the independence and territorial integrity of Russia.

“Zimbabwe considers the Russian Federation as a consistent global ally,” Mnangagwa said on a stage shared by Putin in St Petersburg. “Strength lies in our unity, adaptability and innovation.”

“It is regrettable and unacceptable that the collective West continues to peruse hegemonic tendencies that blatantly violate the sovereign equality of nations, justice and fairness,” Mnangagwa told the forum.

Mnangagwa called for an end to sanctions on his own country that he said were imposed for the “crime” of Zimbabwean people claiming their own land.

Still Zimbabwe, he said, was “open for business”.


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