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DNA test results reveal 9-year-old Tsholotsho’s pregnancy

The results of testing using deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) to determine the paternity of the kid born to the Tsholotsho minor, who was only nine years old at the time of the birth, have proved that the primary suspect, who is the girl’s father, is not the father of the child.

This morning, sources with direct knowledge of the situation verified the unfavorable results. However, medical professionals have stated that the tests merely demonstrate that he is not the father of the newly born child because they were only performed to establish the paternity of the infant.

Frank Buyanga attacked in prison

“Yes, the results of the DNA test came back negative, and now the serious hunt for the father (of the newborn) can begin. According to the insider, “it is now a very complicated subject.”

The nine-year-old girl’s father was brought into jail by the authorities on August 29 when it was found out that the girl, who was only nine years old, was pregnant. However, because the minor did not reveal the name of the person who raped her, the state resorted to using DNA tests to determine whether or not the accused was, in fact, the father of the baby that was born a few weeks ago. This was done because the minor did not reveal the name of the person who raped her.

As a means of giving something back to the community, the Applied Genetic Testing Center at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) offered to carry out the examinations without charge. Last Monday, the spokesperson for the police, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, disclosed that the police were expanding their search in order to locate additional individuals in the investigation.

– The Sunday News

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