Kudakwashe Mahachi’s attempted murder verdict is delivered.

Kudakwashe Mahachi was found not guilty on both counts of attempted murder, and the charges against him were dismissed.

The football player, who was 29 years old, was charged with two counts of attempting to kill his son.

The former footballer for SuperSport United is being accused of inflicting third-degree burns on his child, Diego, by burning him with hot water when Diego was just four years old.

In addition to this, Mahachi was accused of attacking the youngster by striking him on the head and lips with an iron bar.

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As a result of two attempted murder complaints being filed with the police in the month of May, Mahachi was suspended from his club.

After a trial that lasted for six months, the regional magistrate in Bulawayo, Mark Dzira, decided to dismiss the case because the State was unable to prove the essential elements, and the evidence that was given by the witnesses was contradictory and disjointed. Dzira came to this decision after finding that the State had failed to prove the essential elements.

The magistrate continued by explaining that the medical specialists were unable to determine the cause of the injuries, which was the reason the case was thrown out.

After sitting out the first three months of the season, it is now anticipated that Mahachi will locate a new team and resume his playing career as soon as humanly possible.

A recent article in the press cited the athlete as saying, “I have been on the sidelines but I still believe my legs can still carry me.”

“I’m not hanging up my boots soon. It takes bravery, but I must confess that things have changed drastically for me since…”

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