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Manager Quits Job To Become A Cleaner

Mr Effort Gumbi was a manager at a leading retail chain and was responsible for most of the retail outlet’s operations.
He however, decided to leave this senior position to become a cleaner in Bulawayo.

Today he runs Effort Cleans and Prints Services, a company he established in 2018.

The idea of the business came when he visited South Africa in 2017 and witnessed people making a killing from cleaning.

Mr Gumbi started by cleaning people’s houses and at times he had to beg for jobs.

He said it was not easy to win clients. To create a positive corporate reputation for Efforts Cleans and Prints, he started by doing voluntary work at organisations such as Hillside Hospital.

“The task was made heavier by moving around with detergents and sometimes hiring transport to ferry scrubbing machines to where I would have found a job. I could get very tired such that the following day I struggled to do another job due to fatigue. Passion however, kept me focused and I never gave up,”

said Mr Gumbi.

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His company offers cleaning services which include office cleaning, carpet cleaning, walls and doors cleaning as well as shop cleaning. The company is at the Pramaan Building.

Mr Gumbi said his company had to compete with established companies in the industry and was happy it is claiming its share.

“As long as you have passion for the job you are doing you will definitely become good and gain client loyalty and support as well as referrals. I did not worry about being in the industry because I knew that we are good at what we are doing. I managed to get my longest contract of nine months at Skyz Metro and at Choppies in 2020. The contracts opened doors for me and I started doing projects with companies like Steward Bank, Get Bucks and some residential apartments,” said Mr Gumbi.

Efforts Cleans and Prints today boasts of a company car and scrubbing machines among its assets.

“I appreciate my clients for supporting the company and recommending me to clients. I am looking forward to growing my business to the extent of servicing clients outside Bulawayo,” said Mr Gumbi.

He appealed to financial institutions to assist upcoming entrepreneurs by advancing loans even if they have no collateral security as long as their business has potential to be viable. Chronicle

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