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Gardener uses grenade as keyholder, loses fingers

A Bulawayo man (47) from Burnside lost four fingers after he sustained injuries when a hand grenade that he was using as a keyholder exploded.

The man, who is a gardener, found the grenade on New Year’s Day as he was going about his duties.

Bulawayo Police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube said the man showed the grenade to his friend.

“On January 12 at around 3 PM, he pulled the safety pin of the hand grenade and it exploded twice in his right hand. He was injured on the right-hand palm and was taken to United Bulawayo Hospital where he is currently admitted. Four right-hand fingers and half of the palm have been amputated,” said Insp Ncube.

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“Members of the public are hereby advised and warned to take or consider any unknown metal as a dangerous object. Regrettably, a 47-year-old male took a deadly grenade for a key holder.


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