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Prophet Bashed: “Your Wife Begged Me To Sleep With Her… Hanzi Ndiri Kunzwa Kukudai”

There was drama when a prophet was thoroughly bashed for sleeping with his best friend’s wife whom he claims forced him into getting into the illicit affair.

The man of the cloth was only identified as Mutsipa was stripped na_ked before being thoroughly beaten.

Ina video, seen by Harare Live, the best friend, identified as Baba Joy, was so angry as he questioned the prophet who had his hands tied.

“Who are you to me, Mutsipa? How did you know how to buy and sell?” asks Baba Joy.

The visibly shaken Mutsipa responded saying;

“I am a pastor, prophet and your best friend. I knew how to buy and sell through you.”

Baba Joy then says:

“You took my wife from my house and went to sleep with her at your place and drove her back.

“Where was I?”

Responded Mutsipa:

“I don’t remember the time when I brought her back. You were in custody.

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“I was called by Mai Joy who said to me that she was being accused of dating me by you.

“She told me that you told her about your dream that we were dating.

“Mai Joy insisted that she was now developing feelings for me and she wanted to sleep with me.

“It was a difficult approach for me since we are friends. I told her that she was making it difficult for me.

“Mai Joy begged me to date her, hanzi ndiri kunzwa kukudai. I told her that you, Baba Joy, are my friend hazviite, and she insisted.”

Baba Joy grouped with his brothers who helped beat the prophet until he couldn’t speak but only groan in pain.

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