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Man (52) arrested for cohabitating with 12-year-old

A 52-year-old man from Chitungwiza has been detained for allegedly cohabiting with a 12-year-old girl whose parents thought she had gone missing.

Owen Mukono, of Nyatsime in Chitungwiza, is being held in detention and assisting police with their investigations.

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Mukono was found to have lived with the child since November of last year prior to his arrest last week.

Inspector Bernard Chazovachii, Mashonaland East police spokesperson, confirmed the incident.

“I can confirm the arrest of Owen Mukono. It was reported that the girl used to run away from school to live with her grandparents in Zengeza.

“When her grandparents took her back to her mother in November, she met the accused person, who promised to secure a job for her.”

Insp Chazovachii said the girl has since been taken to a safe place, awaiting medical examinations, while investigations continue.

“The accused person is in custody, and is to appear in court soon facing rape charges,” Insp Chazovachii said.

According to a close relative of the victim, Mukono even sought to present the girl to his family members with the intention of taking her as his bride, but they refused.

“She lost a mobile phone and we believe that caused her to be afraid of coming back home,” he said.

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