John Chibadura Beat Stolen For Word Cup?

A familiar beat can be heard while watching the 2022 World Cup coverage on SuperSport, and it is associated with a John Chibadura hit song that rocked local airwaves.

When SuperSport switches from the conversation in their studios, the beat is usually heard.

It’s the unmistakable sound of Mudiwa Janet by John Chibadura.

According to H-Metro, the family did not give their approval for the arrangement.

And, most importantly, they were not compensated for the legend’s work.

The family has now listened to the beat and is certain it is their copyright and is asking questions.

Simba Chibadura, Chibadura’s son who took over the reins with his siblings Knowledge and John Junior, said they were in the process of hiring ZIMURA to handle the issue.

“We have listened to the sound with other family members and we were really shocked how it ended up being used without our knowledge.

“We took the matter seriously after receiving a call from ZIMURA officials that our father’s song was being used as a sound track and we are in the dark.

“Our eldest sister, Isabel, is the one who is handling the issue and she has since written a formal complaint to ZIMURA but is yet to submit it,” he said.

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Simba said ZIMURA was their last hope as the organisation represents and defends composers’ and musicians’ rights to intellectual property.

“We really suspect it might be someone linked to Gramma Records who might have sold the beat.

“As it stands, we are still waiting to hear what ZIMURA will say once Isabel submits our complaint.

“We deserve to know how it has come to this point because our father worked hard to raise his profile,” he said.

Gramma Records’ long-serving managing director, Emmanuel Vori, who left the organisation last year, said:

“Yes, I have heard about the issue but I am not in the correct position to comment at the moment.

“I left the organisation in 2021, the person who is now running the affairs is Mai (Maud) Muguta.

“I think she can give you a better answer than myself at the moment.”

Muguta was not reachable for comment at the time of going to print.

However, ZIMURA expressed their disappointment with the Chibadura family’s lack of cooperation over the issue.

ZIMURA deputy director, William Munanairi, said they were willing to assist the family.

“We have made contact with the family to come and have a meeting with us but they did not show up.

“We are more than ready to help them.

“If you see them, tell them to come tomorrow (today) so that we tackle the issue together.

“It’s our responsibility to assist them so that they get clear answers,” said Munanairi.

A board member of ZIMURA, who preferred anonymity, said the family should be rewarded if, indeed, it was Chibadura’s beat.

“It’s a sad development to the creative sector because we are losing a lot on a daily basis.

“The issue needs to be thoroughly investigated for the good of the industry” said the board member.

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