Zanu PF Snubs Chief Shumba Hwenje, Appoints Mambo Dhuterere as Official Campaign Praise Singer

Zanu PF, the ruling party of Zimbabwe, has made a surprising decision by choosing Mambo Dhuterere as their official campaign praise singer for the upcoming August 23 general elections, snubbing Chief Shumba Hwenje, who gained fame for his song “ED Pfee” during the 2018 elections. Hwenje had recently announced an album titled “Special Branch,” which was originally intended to be the official Zanu PF campaign album.

The album features 10 tracks, including songs like “ED Chete,” “More Fire,” and “State House.” However, the party informed Hwenje of their change in plans, opting for Mambo Dhuterere to take his place as the campaign praise singer. Mambo Dhuterere is expected to release songs that praise President Emmerson Mnangagwa specifically for the campaign.

Two of the yet-to-be-released songs by Mambo Dhuterere, titled “Zanu PF Kuwinner Mugariro” and a collaboration with musician and politician Sandra Ndebele, were sampled by Standard Style. Ndebele, who is running for a municipal seat in Bulawayo under the Zanu PF ticket, has been involved in Zanu PF’s musical galas and has recently become more active in party politics.

The involvement of musicians in politics has drawn criticism from Pride Mkono, a political analyst and activist, who views it as opportunism and a means to benefit from the ruling party. Mkono argues that many of these musicians are seeking personal gain and associating with the elites who oppress and exploit the masses.

Renowned music critic and academic Fred Zindi shared a similar sentiment, suggesting that Sandra Ndebele’s move into politics is driven by financial considerations. He believes that the allure of money in politics surpasses the earning potential of music.

Mambo Dhuterere recently released his album “Nadah Pachiputukezi” at a grand launch ceremony attended by politicians, predominantly from Zanu PF. The album was auctioned for US$30,000 during the event.

The decision to replace Chief Shumba Hwenje with Mambo Dhuterere as the official campaign praise singer showcases the shifting dynamics and strategies within Zanu PF as they prepare for the upcoming elections.

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