Watch: DJ Fantan Heartbroken After Secret Meeting With Shashl At Police Station

Chillspot co-founder DJ Fantan was today seen holding a secret meeting with his counterpart’s ex-girlfriend Shashl at Borrowdale police station where Levels is being detained.

DJ Levels was arrested yesterday by police after he had gone for some time missing. He is being accused by his ex-girlfriend Shashl of sexually abusing her.

Shashl today visited the Borrowdale police station for questioning and that is where she held a secret meeting with DJ Fantan.

According to H Metro, the two arrived at the station an hour apart.

Details about their secret meeting are not yet available at the time of writing.

It seems, however, that the meeting outcome was not positive as DJ Fantan expressed his dismay in an Instagram post saying he feels heartbroken.

“If love so nice, tell mi why it hate so bad, if love love so nice tell tell why m sad 😢”, he posted.

DJ Fantan goes on to say that, “every love story is a ghost story”.

Levels is accused of raping his ex-girlfriend and fellow musician Shashl.

Earlier reports had indicated that Levels had fled to South Africa to evade arrest. Local tabloid H-Metro reported that sources close to the Zimdancehall producer had confirmed that Levels had skipped the border into Zimbabwe’s southern neighbour.

The sources who spoke to the publication on condition of anonymity had indicated that Levels was trying in vain to get Shashl to agree to an out-of-court settlement.

“Levels cannot be located or reached on his mobile phone,” said the source.

“He was last seen at Borrowdale Police Station with Shashl for counselling a day before the latter lodged a police report against him.

“It is from that meeting where Levels sensed danger, the consequences of the nude videos, and decided to flee,” said the source.

His legal counsel had indicated that they would cooperate with police when required.


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