“I have achieved more than Nelson Chamisa” : Stunner

Tazoita Cash Records founder and rapper Desmond “Stunner” Chideme is trending on social media after he claimed that he has achieved more than Citizens Coalition for Chanage president Nelson Chamisa.

It seems the controversial musician has touched a raw nerve as Chamisa’s fans bay for his blood whilst some are defending him.

The sensitive nature of the debate is that the two, who are both in their forties, have been subject to comparison with Stunner mostly being on the receiving end of the jibes.

“I have more music awards whilst Nelson Chamisa hasn’t achieved anything politically yet”, social media reports say.

“You can’t compare me with someone aspiring to be the country’s president”, he says.Z

This has attracted, in common Twitter character, a barrage of insults from those who support the politician Nelson Chamisa.

Former President of Zimbabwe’s son Chatunga Mugabe had no kind words for Stunner.

“Stunner is a fool how can he say ‘Chamisa hasn’t achieved anything Politically’ someone who was a Cabinet Minister for 4 years and was also a member of Parliament for more than 10 years and is currently leading one of the biggest Political parties in SADC.”

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Another Chamisa supporter also threw a shade on the rapper;

Something’Sibanda @CGChange2023

“😂😂😂child of anger ..Stunner has won many awards as you say but the guy still stays kumba kwavo,he has no house ,no wife while on the other Chamisa is married and have a home for his kids …how many of you at his age has contested or will contest to be a president of a country”.

Dr Martin @Bryanmartin2020

“Mu field yaari Chamisa he has achieved he was an MP, minister, now he leads the biggest political party in Zim, all those are achievements. Chamisa lives a comfortable life, Stunner haana mari, I doubt if he can afford kuzvitengera kana bhutsu. Ane imba here stunner?”

Others, however, came out in full defence of Stunner.

Edmore Mbuzana Mlambo @Mbuzana1

Stunner is on point. Nelson Chamisa was last elected into a leadership position in 2013. People have chosen Stunner fairly for the awards, unlike Nelson Chamisa.edmorembuzanamlambo.blogspot.com/2022/09/nelson

Murehwa_Princess @Yvie__bae

“People always compare Stunner and Chamisa daily but Stunner doesn’t retaliate, now that he has retaliated u start insulting him, grow up Cucsman. Zvibhorani izvi”

Morpheus @YayaFishburne

“Denial denial. In his field Stunner is universally considered a legend. Chamisa is just a guy that lost a presidential election and is about to lose another one.”


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