Zombie ‘Virus’ Attacks US Youths

You might wonder, “What’s going on with the youth in Philadelphia, US?” Recently, a viral video from the streets of a US city shocked the world. The video depicts individuals acting strangely on sidewalks while purportedly under the influence of drugs. The caption for the video asserts that the bizarre, “zombie-like” behaviour shown in young people is the result of using lethal drugs.

A clip shows individuals caught in awkward situations. A boy is seen simply bending forward in a painful arch, and he remains that way for quite some time, while a girl walks slowly while keeping her mouth open and her face turned toward the sky.

Many reacted to the video by adding their own clips from the city that show an even more severe visual of people partaking in addictive behaviours. The video prompted many to rake up conspiracy theories about the “government’s control” over such things.

Zombie ‘Virus’ Attacks US Youths

A user raised the question, “Ask how is this possible in a country where the government controls everything. You cannot live in America unless they know everything about you and what you do. Now ask yourself if drugs are released on certain people for a reason. Now ask yourself what could that reason be.”

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A native from the city shared her take on the matter and wrote, “This is Kensington avenue in Philadelphia, these guys are practically gone, the government of the state at some point tried cleaning the area and maybe redeem some people by forcefully sending them to rehab and increasing the security in the area.”

Another simply wondered, “Why should someone do this to themselves in the name of drugs?”

People also joked about being ready for a zombie apocalypse, “Zombie apocalypse caused by drugs. It’s time to apply my CK Zombies, world war z, resident evil and walking dead skills.”

A user shared her own experience of encountering such a scene, “I saw someone along Yabatech area one day in the same position as the second guy!! It was like film turned real life because you see these things in documentaries!! I knew it had to be either spice or heroin. Really sad tbh!!”


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