Ammara Brown Blacklists DJ Levels

Until DJ Levels atones for his transgressions, multi-award-winning musician Ammara Brown has vowed never to collaborate with him.

Ammara emphasized that she has completely lost respect for levels over his actions when she spoke at a European Union event yesterday.

“It’s an old mentality to think that a sex tape or abusing and humiliating your partner publicly is supposed to give you some kind of credit. If anything, I have lost respect for that producer completely! As a professional, I create boundaries for myself and colleagues, to say, that’s not the person we are going to engage with until he fixes himself. (I believe) if we say all abusers cannot be fixed or changed, then we are all going to lose,” said Ammara.

Levels is facing charges of violating the Data Protection Act after he allegedly leaked a s_ex tape he had recorded during happier days with estranged lover Ashley “Shashl” Moyo.

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Presenting Shashl’s rape complaint to a local tabloid, Inspector Luckmore Chakanza of the Harare Provincial Police said;

“Police are investigating a case involving a Chillspot Records worker alleged to have raped a musician after inviting her to his house sometime in July 2021,” said Insp Chakanza.

“The accused person and the complainant were not yet in a relationship but were working together in music at Chillspot Records in Mbare.

“On an unknown date in July 2021, the accused was reported to have asked the complainant to pass through his place of residence to take his car since they were using the complainant’s car and they were coming from the studio.

“When they were at the accused’s place, they got inside the house and, while inside the house, they started kissing, at the same time the accused pushed the complainant into his bedroom.

“The complainant stopped kissing and informed the accused that she wanted to get home before curfew time.

“As the complainant prepared to leave the bedroom, the accused seized her and raped her.”

“After the incident, the complainant fled the site and returned home.”

“The situation came to light when the accused shared some naked films and photos of himself and the complainant on social media.”

“The complainant stated that the reason for mailing the nudes and sex film was because they had broken up, which did not sit well with the accused,” said Insp Chakanza.

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