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Newly-Born Baby Dies Because Of Rude Nurse, Negligence At Mpilo Hosp

Ezra Tshisa Sibanda, a veteran journalist, has revealed that the second twin Keilla Thabiso, who died 24 hours after her twin sister Keller, died as a result of neglect and a rude nurse who couldn’t speak Ndebele.
In a lengthy post shared on Facebook, Sibanda narrated that help was only administered five hours after arrival at Mpilo Hospital.
“Kelly Thabisile and Keilla Thabiso have ascended to be with their Mum, Confidence Msimanga who left them a few days after they were born, 5 weeks ago.
I have never felt so useless in my life because of what l experienced last night. I paced up and down outside Mpilo Hospital like a madman phoning the hospital staff pleading with them to help attend to the little girl who was gasping for air. I was not allowed inside the ward, and the poor grandmother was with the struggling baby inside. She was ignored and lost in translation talking to the rude male nurse on duty. Language became a problem between the 2 and the nurse also told her he couldn’t speak Ndebele. When the male nurse finally agreed to pick my phone, l pleaded with him to help even administer drip, but he said the doctor who saw the baby in the casualty forgot to enter it in their chart report so he won’t do it. The baby was admitted at around 8.30pm with breathing difficulties, vomiting and having a running tummy.
“I then contacted Mpilo reception, asking if they could call the doctor on call, and the kind receptionist called him and then called me back saying the doctor has instructed the male nurse to administer oxygen to the baby, and this was around 1.00 am, 5 hours later. The male nurse told me he was attending to other patients first and would do that when he finishes. Little Keilla fought and fought while l stayed on the phone with gogo until I heard the screams of gogo omncane crying. I felt an excruciating pain in my heart and l knew she had gone. It was pure negligence by the nurse, just like what happened to her sister the previous day. Such nurses soil the name of good nurses and shame the profession.
He went on to bemoan poor service by the institution saying the hospital has become a death trap.
To be honest, Mpilo Hospital has suddenly become a death trap as patients lose their lives while waiting to be served. I witnessed so many people coming out of the hospital screaming and crying after losing their relatives. It’s so painful to stand and watch helpless and desperate people being ignored and left stranded at this hospital. The poor treatment by the Hospital staff has become so dire to an extent that taking a patient in emergency time has become so risky. So many patients are reported to have died at the institution without being attended to by the staff.

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