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Duo Kill Men For Bedding Their Wives

POLICE in Matabeleland North have launched a manhunt for two Binga men from Lusulu who ganged up and fatally assaulted a local villager they accused of having extramarital affairs with their wives.
The two suspects who have been identified as Polite Ndlovu (24) and Justice Ndlovu (22) are said to have teamed up before storming Stephen Mpofu’s homestead in Kokoloza area, Lusulu, Binga in the wee hours on Wednesday last week.

The two broke Mpofu’s bedroom hut door while he was sleeping and attacked him. Acting provincial police spokesperson for Matabeleland North Assistant Inspector Christopher Mahohoma confirmed the incident, saying investigations are in progress.

“Police in Lusulu are investigating circumstances surrounding the death of Stephen Mpofu (36) who was fatally struck with logs and spear on Wednesday last week at his homestead in Kokoloza area, Lusulu, Binga,” he said.

“On that particular day at around 4AM, Mpofu was asleep in his bedroom together with his wife when they heard the two suspects shouting outside and threatening to kill Mpofu whom they accused of having extramarital affairs with their wives.”

Mpofu tried to escape, but one of the suspects intercepted him and they started attacking him using logs and a spear.

“The wife called the village head who rushed to the scene and found the two suspects still assaulting Mpofu who was lying helpless in a pool of blood.

“The village head tried to restrain the two men, but they then turned the heat on him and he ran away,” said Asst Insp Mahohoma.

After the attack, the suspects fled from the scene. Mpofu succumbed to the injuries while being taken to the clinic.

“The two suspects are still at large and we are calling on members of the public with information that could lead to the arrest of the suspects to inform us,” said Asst Insp Mahohoma.

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Meanwhile, in a similar case, police are appealing for information that could lead to the arrest of seven men linked to the ritual murder of Amion Bube (65).

Bube of Mutunda Village under Chief Siabuwa area in Binga District was found lying in a pool of blood at his homestead and his head had been skinned. The incident occurred last Wednesday at 7PM.

According to police, Bube had spent the day working in the fields together with his wife before he decided to go home at around 5PM leaving his spouse behind.

The wife later followed her husband home and upon arrival, discovered that their homestead was on fire.

She spotted five male adults whom she could not identify running away from their homestead. Upon arrival at the homestead, she noticed that her husband was lying in a pool of blood near their burning bedroom hut.

The matter was reported to the police and investigations are ongoing.

“The head of the deceased was skinned and it had two deep cuts, one on the forehead and another on the left ear. There was a blood-stained wooden axe handle beside the body,” said Asst Insp. Mahohoma.

“There were some struggle marks and five huts constructed with poles and mortar were burnt to ashes.”

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