Cornet Mamabolo Bids The Wife Farewell

Cornet Mamabolo has bid his final farewell to The Wife.

The star who played the hated villainous Lerumo on The River has finally bid farewell to the show after his short stint came to an end.

Cornet joined the 1Magic’s drama series two months ago, following a break from the limelight. After being on the screen for barely two months, viewers are saddened by his departure.

The reason he took the show was that it was a short stint and he is set to focus on his business endeavors. The actor took to his Instagram account on 13 December 2022, to pen a lengthy post where he said his final goodbyes to the show.

He reveals that he had to fall in love with Lerumo for the audience to genuinely hate the character. “As an actor… in most cases before you get your breakthrough into the industry you just wish for a show or role that can get you out there, but then when you have gotten a handle of it then you start to really want to ACT. The child in you really wants to PLAY & EXPLORE, you pray for characters and stories just to get the child in you ALIVE.

“Lerumo was that role that I knew I had to fall in love with in order for the audience to genuinely hate. It’s one of those roles that if the audience really loves you for it then it simply means you have done a bad JOB as an actor. It’s a role that is exciting for an actor but distasteful for the audience. I’m happy that I had an opportunity to be a child again and play, to bring him to life. I feel so blessed to be trusted with such an amazing yet dark story,” he wrote.

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Cornet went on to thank the production team for a fun ride as he made his way out.

“I am more grateful towards the production company, amazing directors that helped me with choices for the role, amazing thespians that have made it so easy for me to understand the world of the show, a special crew with so much humility & post production for covering my sss 😂 with their final touches on all my scenes. Thanks to you for watching this brief yet impactful story”

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