“It was never easy” writing ‘My World, My Rules’: Mamkhize

Shauwn ‘Mamkhize’ Mkhize opens up about her newly launched book, My World, My Rules.

The book was written in a year but it took a lot of courage from the businesswoman as she opens up about her life in the memoir.

Speaking to TshishaLIVE, Mamkhize says the process of writing wasn’t easy, but it brought healing to her.

“The process was never easy because it came to a point where I had to face my fears that I had and deal with them, try to send them to the reader in a way that she understood and will be able to understand and put them as they are supposed to be. You know confronting some of your fears it’s not an easy thing to do,” she said.

“It’s about healing, that’s number one because there were some parts where I haven’t healed from and I wasn’t ready to confront and face them. The first part is the healing and the second part is accepting the person that I am today and allowing whatever that’s gonna come forward to come into my life as a free person. Yes, I think I had my own therapy, the book has helped me in therapy form. You know sometimes you will sit with a therapist in front of you and try to engage a therapist who doesn’t understand your story but for me that doctor was me writing this book.”

Mamkhize further explained why she delayed the launching of the book.

“The only reason I’ve been putting it on hold is because there have been many milestones I’ve been achieving on the way. I felt like the book needed to stand out and I wanted it not to be clouded with all the achievements that I have. I wanted it to stand on its own so that it gets the mileage and it gets to the people that it needs to get to. This book was a healing process for me and it was therapy for me but it can help someone else as well.

“I can tell you now that whatever is in the book is filling in the gaps because people have never known my journey. They never knew where I came from and there was a gap. They only know Mam’Mkhize that they think everything is rosy and nice so it was really imperative for me to narrate the story so that they will know where I come from, what are tribulations I’ve went through and I still woke up and I still moved on.”

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