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Ngozi: Son Beats Up Mom

MAVIS Nyoni’s home is never peaceful because whenever she gets into a fight with her son Mandlenkosi Nyoni, he grabs her by the neck and beats her.

Every time her son drinks beer, according to Mavis, he acts violently, calls her names, and insults her.

Mandlenkosi becomes hostile and threatening whenever his mother tries to correct him.

At one point, according to his mother, he allegedly grabbed her by the throat before choking and beating her.

When she confronted him, she claimed Mandlenkosi threatened to axe her to death, so she asked the Western Commonage Court for a protection order against him.

“I am applying for a protection order against my son Mandlenkosi. He is verbally and physically abusing me. He usually threatens to axe me to death, as such I’m living in fear. He beats me up and throttles me,” she said.

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Mavis, who suffered a broken arm, claimed that her troublesome son also had a habit of destroying household items. She also said that she now keeps kitchen utensils in the bedroom out of concern that he might do so.

When she performs menial tasks, she claimed that her son also steals from her because he refuses to look for work.

When the presiding magistrate Jeconia Prince Ncube issued the protection order, she had received the answer to her prayers.

Mandlenkosi received instructions to stop abusing his mother verbally and physically. He was not allowed to express his intention to kill her either.

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