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Mai Tata Lied For Years That The Baby Was Mine

A HARARE man has exposed his baby mama on social media after discovering that he was being made to look after another man’s child, H metro reports.

Phyllis Samata (42) told Kumbirai Mlambo (37) that the child he thought was his, wasn’t.

Mlambo exposed Samata on Facebook where he posted pictures and screen-shots of their chats.

Mlambo said he exposed Samata because he was hurt, but he had accepted that he was taking care of another man’s child.

“I have accepted that this child is not mine even though it is painful because for years I was known as ‘Baba Tata.’

“My relatives and mother believed that she was my child. I am a person who easily accepts when circumstances change.”

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Mlambo said he never married Samata, but they were just cohabiting. Mai Tata and I never lived together because she has two other children from previous relationships,” he said.

“We used to stay in the same area when she was teaching at Herentals, and she slept at my house every day until she got pregnant.

“When she got pregnant, there was a rift between us and she left and there was no communication between us from that time.”

Mlambo claims Mai Tata came back with a baby and he accepted the child as his.

“She then came back after eight months with a baby and said she was mine. I asked where she had been all this time and she said she was now staying in Shamva,” he said.

“I accepted the child, took her to my parents and relatives and they accepted her too. Every weekend I would go to Shamva where she was working to see the child.”

According to Mlambo, Mai Tata suddenly started behaving differently and then, from nowhere, she confessed that Tata was not his child.

“Mai Tata just changed and came out in the open and told me that Tata is not my child.

“She sent me an audio explaining that the child is not mine and she even sent the biological father’s audio note to me.

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