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Tungwarara cleared of fraud after investigations, journalist apologies for falsehood story

ZiMetro News has cleared business tycoon Mr Paul Temper Tungwarara of fraud after thoroughly investigating a story that they had published without due diligence and labeling the businessman as a fraudster.


ZiMetro News Said:


We deeply regret writing an article titled, Businessman Temper Paul Tungwarara uses Presidents Name To Defraud Seven Businessmen Of US$2 million on 09 January 2022.


We have taken it off but some people must have read it already. We sincerely apologize for the article. The editorial team have since investigated the story and did the fact checking which is very important in writing a story.


We need to make this clear that the source that brought the story wanted to use our publication as a political battle ground to fight their interest against Mr Paul Temper Tungwarara.


To our attention we have understood that Mr Tungwarara is working on multi-million projects that can change lives and our country which have attracted many enemies.


This comes after a huge investment is coming to Zimbabwe and others that are coming this concludes that they are people that are against the vision of building the country.


We should never have published the story because we do not fight personal interest or push political agendas for anyone. Our duty is is to report factual truth, without fear or favor.

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