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Pregnant 8-Year-Old Girl Ready To Give Birth

The eight-year girl from Kambira village in Bindura, who is in the middle of the third trimester of pregnancy, is reportedly fine and stable while preparations for her delivery are in motion.

The young girl, who is now eight months pregnant, was recently united with her parents and sibling after a month of solitude at a safe house under the care of the Department for Social Development. The separation was needed to protect the child from further trauma and to provide counselling for both the girl and her family.

Youth lobby group, Ama2k4ED, a group of youngsters born in the year 2000 and after, visited the girl on Saturday with Christmas presents to comfort her during this difficult time.

A gynecologist and a nurse have been designated to this case while arrangements for a Caesarean Section delivery are in place with the likelihood of separation of mother from child after birth. The child was raped, allegedly by two teenage brothers, who lived nearby.

Ama2K is a street lingo for people born in the new millennium and founder Dr Malachi Mamutse said: “Since it’s Christmas time, we brought baby clothes and her favourite foods. We are crying as young adults. We demand an end to the exploitation of young children,” he said.

“We came in solidarity and to give her comfort. We are not leaving her behind just like what the President says that no place and no one must be left behind.

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“Zanu PF does not condone sexual assault and we call for the tightening of the law against perpetrators of such crimes.”

Millicent Muzenda said she was touched and saddened when she heard about the case. “We are heartbroken as Ama2K and we say no to sexual abuse. We had 16 Days of Activism and we are here to offer a hand. We want laws that suffocate crimes that disturb the girl child,” she said.

“The President is calling for the empowerment of the girl child and here one of us has her future disturbed. We are the future and we need your help. Action must be taken.”

Hazel Tsitsi Muchiwa urged parents to take time and interest in talking to their children and know what is going on in their lives. “You cannot substitute being there for your children. Understand the needs of your children so that you can assist where necessary,” she said.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg. A lot of underreported cases of child exploitation are happening in society. Sometimes the trusted relatives are the perpetrators. The President says a country is developed by its people and we are the people. Protect us from abuse so that we can build our nation.”-Herald


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