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Prophet Sello In Trouble For Saying Funeral Parlour Owner Akaromba

Tinashe Kamuriwo, better known as Prophet Tinashe  Michael Sello, came under fire after he made a ‘fake’ prophecy about the world cup but this time is facing a defamation lawsuit for saying a businessman uses juju.

Moreboys Munetsi an owner of a funeral parlour has written a letter of demand to the prophet demanding that he retract defamatory statements he made during a service on the 6th of November 2022. The letter states that;

“ You questioned two women of their relation to the owner of Great Hope to which they responded saying ” ihanzvadzi yedu yekwaBabamukuru”. To quote, in your response. you then made the below unfounded statements which are both untrue and demeaning: Ndiye akabata mushonga…vakomana ava vakanoromba…..mudzinza mashereketa munhu ane funeral parlour” .

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Moreboys munetsi through his lawyers says he is not related to the ladies in the video.

“Our client is not related in any way to the two adult ladies seen in your video and he has no connection to the said family, save to mention that Great Hope offered services to this family for the repatriation and burial of one Primrose Sangare who was their sister.”

Munetsi has given the prophet 48 hours to write a public apology and to retract the defamatory statement failure to which monetary damages will be demanded.

“Accordingly, we have been instructed to demand, as we hereby do, that you immediately and with a public apology, retract your defamatory statements against our client within 48 Hours of receipt of this letter and that you pull down the videos on your above-mentioned social media handles to ensure that there is no further defamation of Mr Munetsi’s character and Good Hope’s reputation.

“If you do not comply with this demand within this time period, it is our instruction to seek monetary damages and equitable relief for your defamation in the appropriate court without further notice. Cost incurred shall be to your account”.-ZCstreets


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