Mai TT Bashes Tatelicious

Tatelicious Karigambe-Sandberg has received nothing but criticism from socialite and comedian Mai TT.

Following Tatelicious’s assertion that Mai TT had been evicted from one house to another during her recent tour of the UK, this has happened.

In a Facebook post, Mai TT criticized Tatelicious for criticizing her while she is allegedly living in a refugee camp.

“Dear Asylum Seeker. The only struggle I have is to pay my arrears at once, but otherwise I am currently working on it.

“Kuri kugara muUK, I was staying at a decent house not mu library like you,” she said.

Mai TT advised Tatelicious to find a decent house and stop destroying innocent lives.

“My piece of advice to you (is) settle down and look for proper accommodation. Better yourself than to insult people who have built empires. Kuseri kwe camera kune misodzi.

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“You laugh at me and other Zimbabweans, but it’s better to struggle in your own country than a foreign land. You are a destitute at your age.

“Seek God’s favour and stop bashing innocent people. You failed as a man and you thought being a woman, things will come easily. You have fallen like the walls of Jericho,” she said.

Mai TT said it was never too late for Tatelicious to repent and seek God.

“You should just change your name to Book since you are now staying in a library yema refugee.

“God has deserted you and now everything you have is falling apart. The way you destroyed lives, God is definitely punishing you for that.

“Leave me alone, I am working in the UK to try and pay back people their money. Unlike you, I do not beg or create GoFundMe accounts, I work hard. May the Lord help you. Naiwawo ndinoti uswere zvakanaka,” she said.-H Metro


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