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KFC In South Africa Shuts Down Due To Load Shedding

Electricity load shedding has apparently affected South Africa’s largest fast food chain, KFC, forcing them to temporarily close down some of its restaurants due to power cuts.

The famous Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise also advised customers that some food items may not be available on the menu due to power issues.

However, KFC insisted that it will continue its operations as best as it can despite closing down some stores.

KFC South Africa advised its customers of its recent issues in a post shared on its official Twitter account on Tuesday.

[Images: Instagram/@KFC South Africa]

Part of the post reads,


“We are sorry, but due to the ongoing load shedding, some of our restaurants will be temporarily closed, while others may have limited availability on some of your favourite menu items.

“We apologise for the inconvenience and will be back soon.”

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