Close ‘Friends’ Want To Kill Me: Sikhala

Job Sikhala, a legislator for the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) who is currently imprisoned, has called some of his close friends and family members hypocrites and accused them of attempting to send him poisoned food while smiling.

In an emotional New Year’s address to Zimbabweans from Chikurubi Maximum Prison, where he has been detained for more than six months, Sikhala made this statement.

His comments come at a time when there are conflicting opinions over his continued detention, with some detractors saying Nelson Chamisa, the head of the CCC, let him down.

Sikhala claimed that the event had helped him identify his true allies and foes.

“The University of Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison has revealed to me treacherous hypocrites, sell outs, colluders with my persecution, opportunists trying to capitalise on the predicament of the moment for cheap political and financial gain from my tormentors.

“Some wished me dead. I am sick. Please, they must then pray for my death.

Jailed Opposition CCC legislator Job Sikhala

“Some plotted schemes to destroy me by spreading false intelligence given to them by their handlers and are dabbling in rumour-mongering and get into deals to the extent of carrying poisoned food to deliver it with a friendly smile. I am aware of all their shenanigans,” Sikhala said.

In his passionate message, the CCC Member of Parliament did not acknowledge or thank the party, including its leader Nelson Chamisa.

He praised the Zimbabwean people and said he had some misconceptions about those close to him.

“With respect, prison teaches one to distinguish real and true friends on the one hand and hypocrites on the other.

“It opened me and exorcised from me some fallacies and falsehoods I had about some people around me.

“It made me discover that my sincere, genuine and eternal friends are the masses and peoples of Zimbabwe, cutting across all classes and professions, domestically and in the diaspora.

“The passion of their roars and bellows I hear on a daily basis is amazing and extraordinary. A million kisses of love my dearest friends. Your sharing of pain with me is historic,” Sikhala said.

He and a dozen other activists were arrested for allegedly instigating violence to avenge the death of dead party member Moreblessong Ali.

The other activists were later released.


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