‘I got Times Yandofeeler Kuda Kuzvisungirira’: Holy Ten Says In Latest Offering

Amidst stinging controversy since the release of his feature in Winky D’s album, Holy Ten has recently announced a surprise new 10-track album project titled Book of Malachi dropping on the 6th of June at 6 PM.

In one of his songs titled Crown, he pours his heart out and some of his lyrics are laden with meaning.

Holy Ten recently appeared at Winky D’s album launch where the two performed the track Ibotso to great reception. The song is of course laden with political subliminal and resultantly became topical following its appreciation by political actors. Holy Ten has sensationally regretted being featured on this project. With the political tension rising as we approach elections, other circles have been sympathetic toward the move citing threats to his safety. Holy Ten has appeared in pictures with family members of the first family hence the conspiracy.

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But it is also the same period that he dropped Crown which is not yet official but already doing rounds on various platforms. Could Holy Ten be capitalizing on this controversy or it is exactly what he planned? It is wiser not to take everything happening on social media at face value, especially in the digital era where click-baiting is a source of hype and effective marketing. There is yet to be communication from the Winky D camp that seems to have continued with their modus operandi.

Check out the tracklist for the Book of Malachi album by Holy Ten below and share your thoughts in the comment section!

  1. Zvivindi
  2. The Book Of Malachi
  3. Gomba re Shumba
  4. God Is Not On Holiday (ft. Majorsteez, Michael Magz)
  5. My Feelings (ft. Xiba)
  6. Deep Down Zaka
  7. Miscommunications
  8. Aba Father (ft. Epixode)
  9. Can’t Get
  10. Crown

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