Doja Cat Shows Off No Make Up Photo, Says “Devil Worshiping Gives You Cysts”

Doja Cat fans were split when the “Get into It” singer posted a “thirst trap” image on social media, revealing her bare skin and no makeup.

Days after releasing her divisive new track, “Paint The Town Red,” the Grammy winner resorted to Instagram to share a natural skin photo that highlighted her skin flaws.

She titled the photo “thirst trap,” and added a kissing emoji. While some admirers disregarded the image as a prank, others commended Doja Cat for proudly displaying her natural skin, blemishes and all..

She captioned the image: “thirst trap,” and added a blowing-a-kiss emoji. While some fans dismissed the post as a troll, others praised Doja Cat for showing off her natural skin unashamedly, acne and all.

One user’s “Like this as a “unlike button” comment garnered over 6,000 likes in a few hours, while one commenter declared, “Doja exposing how god awful society is in this comment section.”

Another person commended Doja Cat for showing that wealthy celebrities aren’t immune from blemishes.

“Is it only me or? I just love this post,” the fan wrote. “She’s encouraging people who have acne and feel insecure about it. She’s showing that having acne on ur skin is normal even your hot af celebrity crush gets pimples sometimes. “IDGAF” on other people’s comments on how weird she is. She’s still stunning.”

Doja Cat Responds To Fan’s Question About Devil Worship

One user asked, “Devil worshipping doesn’t clear up acne?” presumably reacting to the controversy to the visuals for her latest single. While they probably didn’t expect a response, Doja Cat replied, “no it gives you cysts.”

She also trolled fans with her “secret skincare routine” in another response. Check out her replies below.


“Paint The Town Red,” has amassed nearly 4 million views in just three days. Fans accused Doja of satanism and worshipping the Illuminati, something the singer has long been accused of. However, she plays into the rumors, admitting trolling her followers over Illuminati conspiracies brings her “joy.” Watch the video at the end of the page.

Meanwhile, fans reportedly unfollowed Doja Cat in their hundreds of thousands after she went on a rant over a name for her fanbase.

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