SamCash gets GD6, US$5000 cash plus ticket to Dubai as birthday present

A TOYOTA Hilux GD6 worth about US$58 000 and a US$5000 cash present and an air ticket to a holiday in Dubai are part of the presents that a Harare businessman, SamCash got when he recently celebrated his birthday.

Sam Tererai Chiodze told H-Metro that the late Ginimbi remains his role model.

Ginimbi died in 2020, in a car crash on his way home in Domboshava from a party held at his nightclub, Dreams.

“People are telling me that I am fast getting to the level of the late Ginimbi, of which I do not disagree.

“Ginimbi remains my role model and would love to fit into his shoes even though they are too big.

“I just walk his path and wear his jacket with pride.”

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Sam said Ginimbi inspired him to work for what he wants.

“In as much as we were friends with Ginimbi, he was my business partner and we worked together in South Africa.

“I am a full-time hustler at the same time the CEO of Tererati Investments and also own a car sale,” said the businessman.

Sam encouraged youths to work hard and desist from drugs.

The businessman hosted an exclusive birthday party at the weekend in Greendale.

The birthday event was graced by several big names such as Boss Tumelo, Rhodes, Jobo and Nomara.

“I want to thank my friends who attended the birthday bash as I turned 38 this year and for their presents as well.

“I got a GD6 and an iPhone from Tumelo, Rhodes gave me US$5000 and a ticket to Dubai among other big presents and I am happy for that,” SamCash said.

During the celebrations, SamCash said the parties he throws are meant to encourage the youths to work hard and keep focused.

Currently, Sam is paying fees for more than 50 children, which he says is a way of giving back to the community, and he wants to help the youths.

He promised that half of the money he got will be channelled to the disadvantaged.

Killer T and Shashl thrilled guests with their performances at the birthday bash.

“This is one of the biggest parties hosted since the departure of Ginimbi and I can safely say he is speaking from the grave,” said Killer T.

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